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DiabetesAtWork_Logo_2Established 2004.  Diabetes@Work includes 11 one-hour weekly group sessions at the worksite, each co-led by a nurse/certified diabetes educator and registered dietitian; guest experts (physician, psychologist, pedorthist, and physical therapist) facilitate four of the sessions.  Each session addresses a specific topic according to an evidence-based curriculum  and sets forth goals for self-management skill development (e.g., blood glucose monitoring, nutrition label reading, foot exams, etc.).  Evaluations of this educational program has shown statistically significant improvement in self-management behaviors, diabetes knowledge and glycemic control (i.e., A1C reduction of approximately 1 percentage point from baseline to 3-month follow-up). 

Since Diabetes@Work was established in 2004, the St. Louis Diabetes Coalition has offered it to more than 150 participants at via 12 cohorts (at 9 different employers).  The program is currently offered to employers in the St. Louis area at a per cohort fee of $4,000 which includes professional fees, onsite laboratory/screening tests, handouts and participant incentives.

For more information about the Diabetes Leadership Institute, please contact Ms. Joan McGinnis.



Diabetes Network of St. Louis

DNSLLogoEstablished 2007. Diabetes Network of St. Louis is a collaborative that provides self-management support services to people with diabetes in community settings, such as places of worship, civic centers, community health centers and housing complexes. Working through peer-to-peer relationships, the program helps participants assess self-management behaviors, learn fundamental skills, and demand high quality medical care. Trained volunteers lead small groups of participants through guided discussions and hands-on demonstrations. Services provided through programs of the Diabetes Network of St. Louis are not designed to replace the education and medical advice provided by professionals like certified diabetes educators, physicians, pharmacists, nutritionists, and others who should be active participants in the care of all patients with diabetes. On the contrary, the program provides a way for people with diabetes to connect with one another and, in many cases, become more activated in the decisions about their own health.

The development of curriculum, materials and participant engagement processes used by the Diabetes Network of St. Louis are based on a number of successful strategies for improving diabetes care outcomes, including the Chronic Care Model, Stanford Chronic Disease Self-management Training Program, St Louis Diabetes Coalition’s Diabetes@Work, AADE 7 Guidelines, and ADA Guidelines for Screening and Treatment of Diabetes.

Five partners support field operations and assessment of the Diabetes Network of St. Louis: Community Health-In-Partnership Services, Institute for Family Medicine, Saint Louis University Center for Outcomes Research (SLUCOR), St. Louis Diabetes Coalition, and Washington University Diabetes Center at Barnes Jewish Hospital. Funding is provided by the Missouri Foundation for Health.  Garry Tobin, MD and Eric S. Armbrecht, PhD serve as Co-Principal Investigators for the project. 

For more information about the Diabetes Network of St. Louis, please contact Program Coordinator Coco Bopp at 314-747-9533 or



Diabetes Leadership Institute

 diabetesleadershipinstitutetEstablished 2008.  The Diabetes Leadership Institute is a 3-hour education workshop for empowering people to take control control of their diabetes…and help others do the same.   Led by diabetes experts, the small group sessions address diet, exercise, medications, blood glucose monitoring, foot care, how to talk with with health care providers, and ways to help others in the community living with diabetes.  The Diabetes Leadership Institute is advertised approximately 3 weeks in advance of each workshop session through radio stations, newspapers and other promotional partners, such as large employers.

For more information about the Diabetes Leadership Institute, please contact Dr. Eric Armbrecht.




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