The St. Louis Diabetes Coalition is a Missouri non-profit corporation (501c3 tax exempt) governed by a 19-member Board of Directors.  In December 1998, representatives from various managed care organizations, hospitals, physician groups, government health agencies, the American Diabetes Association, and pharmaceutical companies established the St. Louis Diabetes Coalition. It was created to address the enormous challenges of diabetes awareness and care through an integration of efforts and resources.  As the coalition evolved, other groups joined and embraced the mission.

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1. To increase public awareness of diabetes.  Greater awareness will lead to early detection, timely prevention and appropriate care.

2. To improve the use and effectiveness of diabetes education.  Patients and family members will better understand their disease and how to manage it. Better control will be attained through increased compliance.

3. To integrate and disseminate standards of care.  Variation in the delivery of care will decrease. Outcomes are expected to improve.

4. To standardize diabetes data collection and reporting.  Accurate or more complete data will be collected across the region so that policy formation can be developed at the community level. Outcomes will be measured, documented and reported.

5. To improve early detection and diagnosis of diabetes.  Appropriate management and care can be administered early in the course of the disease. This will reduce complications that may arise from undetected/undiagnosed diabetes.

6. To coordinate available resources for treating diabetes.  Coordination is needed to improve awareness, education and care of diabetes.