“So What Can I Eat?” is Answered for More than 250 People with Diabetes

On Sat May 14…  258 people gathered at the fabulous Chase Park Plaza Ballroom in St. Louis to be part of So What Can I Eat?, a community diabetes education program presented by the St. Louis Diabetes Coalition.  Joan McGinnis, MSN, CDE introduced featured speaker Pat Speirs, RD, CDE of Loyola University Chicago, who delivered an practical and inspirational presentation that focused on carb counting.  She and Dr. Eric Armbrecht, PhD  fielded excellent questions from attentive and engaged participants who had come from all over the region.  This outstanding event was made possible by the generous support of Roche Accu-CHEK, Novo Nordisk and promotional assistance of many partners, including Personal Care Products, Liberty Medical, Visiting Nurses Association, Washington University Diabetes Center, Saint Louis University, SLUCare, JDRF, American Diabetes Association.  Questions and comments by the participants re-affirmed a belief that the #1 question of people with diabetes still is: So What Can I Eat?. Participants were invited to join the Coalition’s newest program to provide diabetes self-management support — KICK Diabetes.  Thank you to the team of 8 volunteers who helped check-in all of the participants.  What a great day!!!!

May 14, 2011 So What Can I Eat? Event at Chase Park Plaza Ballroom


One response to ““So What Can I Eat?” is Answered for More than 250 People with Diabetes

  1. I don’t know if it is appropriate to mention this in this forum or not, but we have a just introduced a zero carb snack that is a great replacement for potato chips and crackers! it is made from premium aged cheese and contains NO other ingredients.

    I am a type 2 diabetic and the reason we started making these Cheese Crisps was because I was not very good at staying away from the chips and dips, so something had to be done!

    The website is http://www.cheddarcheesecrisps.com and they are available at all of “The Wine and Cheese Place” locations in the St. Louis area.

    I apologize in advance if this is inappropriate and will understand if you delete it, but please consider those who are succumbing to their need for snacks that are much less diabetic friendly!

    Sincerely Terry

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