New KICK Diabetes Program is up and running … and kicking too

The St. Louis Diabetes Coalition proudly presents its new website for the KICK Diabetes program.  Learn all about this new resource for people with diabetes.

Enrollment is underway.  Maybe you know someone who would benefit from this program?

KICK Diabetes is an education program that focuses on a participant’s needs and wants to improve health. Four sessions with a personal diabetes educator (e.g., nurse, nutritionist) take place at convenient times and places selected by a participant, such as a coffee shop, community center, library, place of worship, etc. Each session revolves around goals that a participant sets for himself/herself and shares with their personal diabetes educator. All participants receive ongoing feedback and support about diet, exercise, glucose monitoring and communicating with health care providers.

Grant funding from the St. Louis Regional Health Commission allows for the program services to be made available for the right price … free.

KICK Diabetes is made possible through a partnership between the St. Louis Diabetes Coalition and Saint Louis University Center for Outcomes Research.

The St. Louis Diabetes Coalition is grateful to the many people who contributed time and creative energy to create this website, especially our friends at graphic art and web design firm Timmermann Group.  They went above and beyond the call of duty to deliver an excellent site that the Coalition and its partners can be very proud of.  Thanks!


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