Winter Meeting Success

54 people gathered for the St. Louis Diabetes Coalition winter meeting, an event that also honored the volunteers who have  led diabetes education groups under the Diabetes Network of St. Louis (DNSL) project. Before dinner Dr. Eric Armbrecht provided a brief re-cap of the Coalition’s 2010 accomplishments and reviewed major programs for 2011.  The centerpiece of the dinner program was a presentation by Drs. Garry Tobin and Michael Elliott that revealed the results from DNSL and the excellent feedback, comments and insights from volunteers. In a nutshell, DNSL worked… very well. The project engaged more than 400 participants in diabetes education groups led by trained lay volunteers at 37 community-based sites.  A1C, blood pressure, BMI, blood glucose testing frequency, and diet habits improved.  Thank you to all who were able to attend and to Saint Louis University for hosting the meeting at their Il Monastero Conference Center, a delightful venue with delicious food for bringing together Coalition stakeholders.


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