Post Dispatch Reports: Diabetes prevention moves out of the doctor’s office

Today, readers of the St. Louis Post Dispatch learned about local and national efforts to improve diabetes prevention and management.  An excellent story by Michele Munz describes an initiative underway at Shop N Save to help patients with diabetes learn about food and support them in sticking with medication regimens too.  Kudos to Shop N Save!

The St. Louis Diabetes Coalition was recognized in the article for its new program that provides one-on-one diabetes education services to people in community settings, like coffee shops, churches.  You can learn more about this program firsthand at the upcoming member meeting on Feb 10.

In the PD article, Dr. Eric Armbrecht (Saint Louis University Center for Outcomes Research professor and the Coalition’s Acting Executive Director) was quoted in the story… “People need encouragement, and where do you go for encouragement and support for things going on your life?” he said. “It’s not your doctor’s office or your hospital.” Read the full article now.


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