Post Dispatch Features the Upcoming Work of Diabetes Coalition

On September 29, 2010, the St. Louis Post Dispatch reported how St. Louis diabetes researchers and the Diabetes Coalition are partnering to take diabetes education to gathering spots such as churches and coffee shops.  The program, known as Kick Diabetes, hopes it will help people control the disease.  Read the full story here.  More than 80 people called to inquire about how to get involved with the project.. and 25 Facebook users “liked” the story and 31 people “tweeted” it.

The $99,000 grant is provided by the St. Louis Community/University Health Research Partnership, which focuses on critical health care problems in the St. Louis area. It is funded by St. Louis University, Washington University, BJC HealthCare and facilitated by the St. Louis Regional Health Commission.

The project team is led by three co-investigators — Eric S. Armbrecht, PhD, Thomas Burroughs, PhD and Joan McGinnis, RN, MSN, CDE.

For more information, call the Saint Louis University Center for Outcomes Research at 314-977-9300.


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