Diabetes Coalition Awared Community-University Health Research Partnership Grant

The St. Louis Diabetes Coalition, in partnership with researchers from Saint Louis University, was named a grantee by the St. Louis Community-University Health Research Partnership (CUHRP) program.  The Coalition was one of 7 applicants selected from a field of 47 selected through a scientific and community reivew process managed by the St. Louis Regional Health Commission.  Joan McGinnis, MSN, CDE is representing the Coalition as its principal investigator; Tom Burroughs, PhD and Eric Armbrecht, PhD, faculty members from the SLU Center for Outcomes Research are the co-principal investigators from the university.

CUHRP is designed to provide a vehicle through which to focus research efforts on health care problems of importance to the community with the goal of improving health outcomes and reducing health disparities. The $1.5 million in funds provided by Washington University, Saint Louis University and BJC HealthCare will support the development of research partnerships between community-based organizations in St. Louis City and County and faculty members at Washington University and Saint Louis University.

Coalition + SLU Proposal Summary: The purpose of the proposed collaboration is to establish and evaluate a regional community-based diabetes education service provided by certified diabetes educators. The program compares conversion mapping, a new pedagogical device, to a conventional proven approach to individualized diabetes self-management instruction. The program aims to yield improvements across domains for 200 participants receiving one-on-one diabetes self-management education (DSME) services: (1) adherence to clinical services recommended by the American Diabetes Association, (2) blood glucose monitoring practices, (3) confidence in communication with health care providers and (4) control of critical clinical measures- blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and weight.

This is new news… and the potential for leveraging the Coalition’s partnerships to make this project a success is just beginning to be considered.  If you would like to get involved with this program… please contact Joan.


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