Need Your Support Now (Just Words, Not Cash)

The Coalition is developing a federal grant application in response to the CDC’s National Program to Eliminate Diabetes-Related Disparities in Vulnerable Populations.  View RFP here. Coalition proposes to convene and mobilize new alliances to develop, implement, and evaluate focused community-based interventions to reduce the burden and incidence of diabetes in three communities: North St. Louis City Aldermanic Wards 3-4-5 (pop. 55,987), North St. Louis County Council Areas 1-2 (pop. 288,070), and East St. Louis Illinois (pop. 31,542).   Socioeconomic and public health surveillance data used to select these communities indicated high risk for diabetes and its complications based on four key factors: race/ethnicity (>70% African American), poverty, obesity, and hospitalization rates for diabetes.


We are asking Coalition members and friends to write letters of support regarding the need for community-based programs for diabetes prevention and management in the greater St Louis area.   You can email the letters to  Do so by Monday, May 10, 6 PM.  Grant is due very soon, of course.  One of the seletion criteria is broad support across multiple stakeholders in the community.  A strong collection of letters (short and long from individuals and organizations) isvery helpful.

Special thanks for Mr. Erise Williams and Dr. William Kincaid for their leadership on this project.


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