Power of Partnership (and Volunteers) Makes Coalition Possible

The So What Can I Eat? event on April 24, 2010 demonstrates the Diabetes Coalition’s power of partnership.  Special kudos go to Lori Turkington (Roche Accu-CHEK) for quarterbacking all event day logistics.  Amazing job. Thank you so much, Lori… and a whole crew from Accu-CHEK who helped throughout the morning.  Joan McGinnis, RN, MSN, CDE, and Eric Armbrecht, PhD were involved in a number of planning and marketing assignments before the big day, like ad design.  Anit Behera, a biochem sophomore at Saint Louis University, was intrumental in preparing event materials.  Thank you, Anit. 

Everyone was very impressed by how smoothly the event handled 256 people from registration through exhibits to food and into the presentation hall… and this was possible because __ volunteers kindly and efficiently managed the crowd.  Special thanks to the following volunteers who gave up their Saturday morning to help so many people with diabetes:

  • Eileen Clarke, RN, MSN, CDE
  • Nancy Trebilcock, RN, BSN, CDE (president of St. Louis Association of Diabetes Educators)
  • Lore Gross, RN, BSN
  • Joanna Helmkamp
  • Brandi Mayes, MPH
  • Kathleen McDarby, RN, MPH
  • Joan McGinnis, RN, MSN, CDE
  • Christy Robuck, RD, BS, CDE
  • Denise Strehlow, RD, MSW, MPH

Given the size and success of the So What Can I Eat? event, one might think the St. Louis Diabetes Coalition is a million dollar organization with a large staff… In truth, the Diabetes Coalition is just that — a coalition of committed people working on program for improving the lives of people with diabetes here and now

Thank you to all of the event volunteers… but an even deeper appreciation goes to the participants who chose to be part of the event on this Saturday morning.  Thank you for making that choice.


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