256 Gather for “So What Can I Eat?” Event

 On Sat April 24, 256 people gathered at the fabulous Four Seasons Hotel Ballroom in Downtown St. Louis to be part of So What Can I Eat?, a community diabetes education program presented by the St. Louis Diabetes Coalition.  Joan McGinnis, MSN, CDE introduced featured speaker Naomi Wedel, RD, CDE of Madison, Wisconsin who delivered an inspiring and informational presentation that focused on carb counting.  It was filled with solid advice and wit.  She fielded excellent questions from attentive and engaged participants.  This outstanding event was made possible by the generous support of Roche Accu-CHEK and promotional assistance of many partners.  The event demonstrates the potential power of coalition-based partnership to deliver meaningful programs to people with diabetes (and pre-diabetes) in the St. Louis area.

When preparing for this event, the planning group expected to draw 100-150 people… and with those numbers they were going to be “thrilled.”  But when registrations began rolling in and then kept rolling in, it became clear that the topic and event connected with many people … so the venue was expanded, more food was ordered, and more handouts were assembled.  Hundreds registered.  256 came…maybe even a few more than that.  Questions and comments by the participants re-affirmed a belief that the #1 question of people with diabetes still is: So What Can I Eat?.

So What Can I Eat? April 24, 2010, Four Seasons Hotel Ballroom

 If you would like to view the community resource guide made available to all meeting participants, click here.  (The slide deck and other handouts are not available for download at this time.)


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