Five Patient-Centered Medical Home Practices in St Louis Area Recognized by NCQA

The patient-centered medical home offers promise for improving the quality of diabetes care in the primary care setting, where most medical care occurs.  There have been numerous efforts undertaken in the St. Louis area to support PCMH development.  Most recently, SLUCare Family Medicine implemented a medical home for SLU employees and dependents.  Click here for the SLUCare Medical Home brochure.

NCQA offers a program to recognize primary care offices which implement the fundamental systems and services necessary for providing high quality, reliable, proactive and coordinated care — precisely what the typical patient with diabetes needs.  As of today, there are 49 NCQA-recognized patient-centered medical home practices in Missouri. Only 10% of these are in the St. Louis area though.  These 5 docs who practice together as part of the St. John’s Mercy Medical Group are:

12348 Old Tesson Road, Suite 160
St. Louis, MO 63128
(314) 467-3800


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