St. Louis Diabetes Coalition in Kansas City

Board Member Dr. Eric Armbrecht delivered brief presentation at the Kansas City Diabetes Summit on October 8.  The event, sponsored by Novo Nordisk, drew approximately 100 people from health plans, health systems, community organizations, public health agencies, etc. attended.  The presentation provided a brief overview of the St. Louis Diabetes Coalition’s history, accomplishments and current challenges…. and an invitation to Kansas City leadership to work in partnership across I-70 to improve diabetes care statewide through coalition-based strategies.   (Note: There is no organization with a mission similar to the St. Louis Diabetes Coalition in Kansas City).


3 responses to “St. Louis Diabetes Coalition in Kansas City

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  2. I just found this page. There is actually diabetic menu at the Subway’s in Kansas right now. pretty cool.

  3. Is there a Diabetes information presentation at the Chase in St. Louis in November 2011?

    How can I find out about the next event?

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