Funding Opportunity: St. Louis Community / University Health Research Partnerships (CUHRP)

St. Louis Community/University Health Research Partnerships (CUHRP) is a program designed to provide a vehicle through which to focus research efforts on health care problems of importance to the community with the goal of improving health outcomes and reducing health disparities. The $1.5 million in funds provided by Washington University, Saint Louis University and BJC HealthCare will support the development of research partnerships between community-based organizations in St. Louis City and County and faculty members at Washington University and Saint Louis University.

This program will award up to $100,000 per project to proposals that partner a community-based organization with an academic researcher to investigate, analyze and publicly report findings on an existing health concern within the St. Louis community. Award determinations will be made by panel comprised of community and university representatives who will determine scientific quality and potential for positive impact on health outcomes and disparities, and fit with the interests of the St. Louis Community.

A second year of funding, up to an additional $100,000, may be available for selected projects that demonstrate a successful model of collaboration throughout project implementation and develop a framework to produce important findings. Funding decisions for the second year will be based on the review of a written progress report submitted toward the end of the first year of funding.

All individuals interested in applying for a 2009-2010 Community/University Health Research Partnership grant are encouraged to register contact information and research interests by clicking here.

Letters of Intent (LOI) are due by Friday, January 8. Partnerships with approved LOI will be invited to submit full proposals.

For more information, contact Angela Fleming (St. Louis Regional Health Commission), or 314.446.6456 x1011.


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