Diabetes@Work Results: Working Well for Participants

The St. Louis Diabetes Coalition released a report on the findings from its partnership with member companies of the St. Louis Area Business Health Coalition to implement Diabetes@Work last year (2007).  The evaluation report, authored by Eric Armbrecht, PhD and Joan McGinnis, MSN, CDE, describes implementation and clinical outcomes for 37 active participants at 4 worksites: Ameren, Bryan Cave, City of St. Louis, and Smurfit Stone.  Get the report here: Diabetes At Work Results 2007 Worksites.  Consistent with other studies of Diabetes@Work, average A1C improved by about 1 percentage point from baseline to 3-month and 6-month follow-up.  One of the most impressive results: 

Seventy percent (70%) of participants had hypertension (BP > 130/80) at baseline. Among participants with baseline and follow-up data for blood pressure (n=27), the proportion of participants with hypertension fell from 70% to 25% at follow-up (p = 0.001).




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