Pay For Perfomance Works to Improve Diabetes Care in Bronx

Outcome-based medicine, with comparison scores and monetary incentives, works for 14,000 diabetes patients at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, NY. One standard measure of blood sugar, HbA1C, is kept below a recognized level of 9 in 85% of patients in the special program, vs 67-75% of patients in other Bronx-area programs.  With diabetes a national epidemic and the prevalence of the disease as high as 18 percent in the South Bronx, a unique physician “pay-for-performance” program at Montefiore Medical Center has reduced blood sugar and cholesterol levels significantly among many of this borough’s diabetes population. Physicians in each of Montefiore Medical Group’s (MMG) 21 community-based centers are given targets to reach for blood sugar and cholesterol levels in their diabetes patients and can be rewarded up to $3,200 annually for attaining these targets, an incentive paid for by the MMG administration.  Maybe a little pay for performance could help move diabetes care outcomes in the St Louis area?  Maybe something else might work better… Read the full story here.


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