33 People Attend 3rd Diabetes Leadership Inst. of 2008

Eariler today (on a beautiful autumn Saturday) the St. Louis Diabetes Coalition hosted its 3rd Diabetes Leadership Institute of 2008 at the Missouri History Museum.  The 3-hour program was attended by 33 participants, many who were unable to attend the sold-out event in August.  The participants enjoyed a hands-on learning program about taking control of diabetes… and helping others do the same too.  Garry Tobin, MD, Joan McGinnis, MSN, CDE and Eric S Armbrecht, PhD led the group sessions.  The program was a huge success with the help of Tish Singer who assured all the details were in order.  Special thanks go out to Michelle Hasket from Roche who helped demonstrate proper set-up and use of a blood glucose meter.  Comments, questions and interactions among participants clearly showed how valuable programs like the Diabetes Leadership Institute are in the community.  Plans are underway for a series of Diabetes Leadership Institute programs in 2009.  Special thanks to all of the participants who came and shared their questions, comments and experiences. 


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