Diabetes Leadership Institute Encore Coming October 18

The St. Louis Diabetes Coalition will host the Diabetes Leadership Institute on Saturday, October 18, 10 AM – 1 PM at the Missouri History Museum.  Note: This is the third Diabetes Leadership Institute program this year.  Women and men with diabetes are invited to this hands-on learning program about taking control of diabetes… and helping others do the same too.  Led by local diabetes experts, the small group sessions will address diet, exercise, medications, how to talk with your health care provider, and ways to help others in the community living with diabetes.  Space is limited.  Lunch provided.  To learn more or make a reservation, contact Tish Singer: (314) 747-9533 tsinger@im.wustl.edu


2 responses to “Diabetes Leadership Institute Encore Coming October 18

  1. I am the Wellness Coordinator for the City of St. Louis, which employees over 5500 people. We currently have a diabetes support group that meets once per month.

    While I don’t have diabetes, I was curious if I could attend this seminar on an informational basis to have a better understanding of my diabetic employees and ways to communicate pertinant information.

    Thanks, Matt

  2. Yes matt, you are more than welcome to attend a Diabetes Leadership Institute. I work with the Diabetes Network of St. Louis, work together with the coalition to provide the institute, and just happened to see your question. The next Leadership Institute will be on June 18th at the Richmond Heights Community Center @ 10:00 am till 1:15. I hope to see you there!

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