Our Health Hero: Dr. William Kincaid

Overlooking the City of St. Louis from the Top-of-the-Met last night, Coalition Board ChWKincaidair Dr. William Kincaid was honored with a Health Hero Lifetime Achievement Award by the St. Louis Business Journal for his service to St. Louis in so many ways.  A story about Dr. K is available in the Oct 6-12 edition of the St. Louis Business JournalDr. K assured me that the award was an ellipsis … and  not a period in his career.  On a personal note, it’s been a pleasure and honor to work with Dr. K for many years … and I am always inspired by his passion for public health, unwavering optimism, genuine kindness, and great sense of humor.  Hero, indeed.


One response to “Our Health Hero: Dr. William Kincaid

  1. Dr. Bill truly is a health care hero. He was instrumental in training a group of Advanced Life Support providers in our community in the mid 1970’s. At that time, rural America lacked that level of care in the field and Bill Kincaid helped bring it to this community.

    Thanks Bill, we continue to remember you.

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