Never Felt So Wanted: Medicare Patients With Diabetes

I have learned from Austin Ifedirah, Senior Director of Operations at XL Health, that his Baltimore-based disease management company, is opening enrollment for Care Improvement Plus, a PPO for Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes (as well as ESRD, COPD and CHF). This open-access plan which is available to people in all Missouri counties features three metallic tiers (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) of seven products with a range of benefits and premiums ($0-$103 per month).  For example, the $46/month Gold Rx Plan includes $10 co-pay for PCP visits, $25 for specialists, and pharmaceutical coverage through the “donut hole”…. and I am not talking about Krispy Kreme (this is a diabetes HMO afterall!).  All plans feature $0 co-pays for 6 podiatrist visits annually as foot care is a special area of emphasis for the plan.  For those who are interested in more information about this new product’s benefit design, send an email to  Lastly, plans are underway to open an office in St. Louis and the regional president position is still open.  Interested?  Additional information about the company can be found at  and  (Editor’s Note: A few days ago, we announced the launch of a similar diabetes-specific Medicare managed care product by GHP.  Click here to view that posting.) 


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