Consumer Power: November Conference Addresses Success Strategies

For years many St. Louis Diabetes Coalition members have been trying to engage patients with diabetes and make them the captains of their own health care teams.  The St. Louis Business Health Coalition has assembled a conference of leading experts which will address this goal and others on November 3, 2006 at the Airport Marriott.  I am looking forward to hearing Dr. Jack Mahoney talk about Pittney Bowes’ success with disease, disability, and demand management…. definitely.  Dr. Gordon Moore, leader of the Ideal Micro Practice concept, will address ways for the physician practice to better meet patient needs.  Finally, Don Stanford and Elizabeth Lohmeyer from Buck Consultants, will share the secrets of a successful corporate communication strategy.  All this, plus breakfast and parking, can be yours for bucking up $25 (non-BHC members) or $15 (BHC members).  For more information about the conference, click here.  To RSVP, call Melanie 721.7800 or


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