New Wash U. Diabetes Center (at Barnes Jewish Hospital) Adds Endo

Under the leadership of endo Garry Tobin, MD, the Wash U. Diabetes Center at Barnes Jewish Hospital (yes, the official name is a mouthful) opened in early July. Since then, hundreds of patients have made their way to the 13th floor of the Center for Advanced Medicine building for appointments with endos Tobin, McGill, and Kilo, nurse practitioner Knutsen and 6 diabetes educators (Shields, Field, Klinger, Manchester)*. Frequent advertisements on 1120 KMOX are attracting even more people to the Center. New patient appointment wait times which are 5 months and 5 weeks for Tobin and Knutsen, respectively, will be improved with the addition of Kim Carmichael, MD this month. Carmichael comes to the Center from Forest Park Hospital. (*at the time of this posting, I did not the names of the all diabetes educators at the Center.) Click here to download a brochure (pdf format).


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